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First Second
Prudence Shen
Faith Erin Hicks

Prudence Shen

Page 115

Posted by Prudence Shen | December 10, 2012

This is the part of the story where Nate has hit Rock Bottom. Accordingly, this is my favorite section of this — and almost any other — story. Rock Bottom is where you get your best wallowing done, your best cheap jokes, your best friends attempting you murder you even as they reach for their inhalers, etc. It’s also great because when pushed to the brink, this is where your characters start getting desperate and a little crazily creative, and it’s where entropy can step in and make everything that much more complicated and wonderful.

Nate is a long-term planner who wears blinders even as he’s looking five years into the future, so it was relentless good fun to watch every single one of his (unilaterally made) plans double back and bite him in the backside. In the fantasyland of my imagination, I like to think of his college experience as one that probably deserves its own MTV show.

Also! It bears saying: I’m sorry for being absent for so long! After almost two months in flux, I’m finally inside an apartment where I hold the lease, have a couch, and have more or less successfully relocated from one side of the Atlantic ocean to the other, so fingers crossed, I’ll be around a lot, lot more.


Yeah I’ve noticed how Nate and Nolan are set up as characters.

Even though Nate says he is a person’s friend, if there is something that he is trying to achieve he will be totally blinded to whoever is trying to talk to him so he can achieve his own goal. For example at the start where he was complaining that Nolan’s girlfriend was trying to stop him from getting the funds, Nolan repeatedly said that she wasn’t his girlfriend anymore. Also every, single, time Nolan said he did not want to run for President, Nate did not hear him as he focused on the cheerleaders and kept on blaming Nolan for what was going on. So now as it has been said, it’s all coming ti bite him in the ass. Maybe if he listened and talked to Nolan like a friend should, he wouldn’t have his other friends wanting to kill him.

On the other hand Nolan allows people to control him somewhat. I mean come on, he allows the cheerleader who broke up with him force him to run for student president, making up a group and all and run it by herself, despite the fact he kept on saying he didn’t want to. Nolan could have saved everyone a lot of trouble if he were to go on the P.A. and state that he did not want to run for the seat. Still, I cannot help but shake my head that Nolan allows the person WHO BROKE UP WITH HIM, to still control his actions to a degree. He needs to grow a spine.

To me, it seems that Nolan has some self esteem/confidence issues. He’s a “people pleaser” who tries to get appreciation/acknowledgement from others since he doesn’t get it at home. He’s obsessed with pleasing people by not saying no to them because he’s afraid of losing control of the many relationships outside the home just as he has inside the home. He will forgo his own feelings to make someone else feel better, even when that isn’t what’s called for in the many long term relationships he has with others (This could be one of the reasons why his girlfriend broke up with him). Nate takes advantage of this constantly by dictating Nolan’s actions. Overall, Nolan needs to get over his fear of rejection and, like what N said, “grow a spine”. It’s only when he starts placing value in his own thoughts (Self Love/Self Respect) and beliefs, that his relationships with others will grow.