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Prudence Shen
Faith Erin Hicks

Prudence Shen

Page 214

Posted by Prudence Shen | February 18, 2013

YAY TONS OF NEW PAGES! (Start HERE for the beginning of the update!)

Did you catch the amazing roadside sign for the diner during their road trip from hell? Don’t you love Holly’s inability to name stuff? How much do we think they’re going to be murdered by their parents for all of this?

For a section that has a number of pages with little to no dialog, I think the sequence is one of my favorites in the book, and provides the “car theft” part of the “teenaged car theft battlebot story” elevator pitch for this story. Nothing makes me laugh harder than the sequence of each of the kids answering their cell phones with full understanding of their doom writ large across their faces. The triple-click of the cheerleaders and Joanna is probably one of my favorite panels in the entire comic.

It’s also a funny moment that goes unexpectedly sad with Charlie, as lot of these things do. Charlie spends most of the story having stuff happen to him. Despite being a so-called popular kid at school - which, for the record, I think is completely lost on the kid - he more or less feels completely helpless. As I was writing him, Charlie was always that kid who wasn’t exactly happy about the way things were shaking out, but it didn’t seem worth the effort to try and do anything about it. Nothing in his experience had ever indicated he could change his circumstances, so what was the point? Keep your head down, hope it goes away, the only way out is through, and all that other good stuff.

It takes a while, but we finally crack him, and while I’m not condoning car theft or anything, but it’s nice to see that he has some moxie after all - or maybe, to me, it’s reassuring to know that everybody, no matter how beat down, has some moxie after all.

And speaking of moxie: in addition to being the Beast’s time to really shine, so too is it Joanna’s.

Spoilers: she’s putting on those driving gloves for a reason.


I love what your super large updates do to my RSS feed! I’m guessing that Joanna has a car wheel-like device with additional controls to control the Beast.

I loved the last panel. Sweater off, gloves on; Joanna doesn’t play, bitches!

Thanks for the big update, it was lovely. The car ride was hilarious and really interesting to read/observe.
Where did they eat? Psycho Bear Diner?

In light of the last two panels, did Joanna and Nate ever go out? Or was there perhaps one-sided attraction that eventually dissipated? Or did they have the really good friend nearly brother/sister friendship from the beginning? Just curious.