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First Second
Prudence Shen
Faith Erin Hicks

Prudence Shen

Page 219

Posted by Prudence Shen | February 25, 2013

Let’s all marvel first at the intensity of crazy in Joanna’s eyes, and also at Faith’s phenomenal artwork. There’s a lot of robot action coming up, and it all looks amazing, but just the thought of having to draw is is daunting as hell. If it was anything like writing the scenes felt…oh boy. Think writing an action sequence is frustrating? Try doing it when all the participants are robots. It was a 3 a.m., “Why did I think this was a good idea again?” moment, lather, rinse, repeat at least a dozen times.


These young fighters will rip your heart out and eat it alive without hesitation. Have you ever read “Ender’s Game”?

I have! But not in years — I’m planning to reread in preparation for the movie.

There’s going to be an Ender’s Game movie? Produced by Orson Scott Card?

Please excuse me while I explode with joy.

Ender’s Game was one of the books, which impressed extremely. And yes, Faith is right, Google found out: Marvel already converted the story into a comic in 2008.
Also yes: The release date for the movie is November 1st 2013 (at least here in Germany). Written and directed by Gavin Hood. However, Orscon Scott Card seems to have at least his fingers in there (Wikipedia!).