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Prudence Shen

Page 254

Posted by Prudence Shen | April 1, 2013

Multi-page update! (No, really) Click here to start at page 246.

Also! Hope you’re enjoying all of the robot carnage, and we hope it was enough to get you psyched about something else fantastic coming up!

We’re going to be kicking off a pre-order campaign beginning next Monday, with the possibility of winning fabulous prizes, free books, potentially a Skype visit from me and Faith, and if you scam enough of your friends into grabbing their copies of Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong early, an extra epilogue for the book!
If that all sounds interesting — and it should! — check back in with us next week and get all the details! Come on, we’re just rewarding you for knuckling under to your book purchase impulses. Shouldn’t you be rewarded for having zero willpower when it comes to purchasing robot shenanigans? We certainly think so!


Guys, I love it when you post a bunch of pages, but don’t you figure having 254 suddenly pop up on the front page, right after 245… kinda spoils the action built up to that point, not to mention the pages between?

Unless this is the best April Fool’s troll I’ve seen today, in which case… bravissimo.

Sorry about that. PS. This is a FREE webcomic.

Totally free to read, which I love and love you for. Doesn’t mean free of feedback, or you wouldn’t have a comments section.

It is in no way a deal-breaker, just one of those things about internet publishing to be wary of when posting chunks of pages. You guys are doing awesome work. Keep it going!!

Sure, and I appreciate people want the webcomic to be the best it can be, but whenever something goes wrong on the site or there’s a spelling error or anything in the pages, I get about half a dozen comments on the site followed by a dozen more on twitter pointing out what’s wrong. Again, I appreciate people are trying to be helpful, but it’s a bit wearying, especially when it’s something I have no control over (like spelling error & how batch updates are processed). We’re all just trying to do the best we can with the site.

Totally understandable, and you’re doing an excellent job of it. Had anyone else made the comment, I probably wouldn’t have… hopefully at least SOME others who saw me speak up have sat on their hands. :)

Didn’t know the batch pages were processed via automatic update, that would explain the spoiler (batch process don’t care which page the plot flips from). Thanks for the insight, I’m psyched to read what happens next!

I’m confused as well. Page 252 indicates that there is one more fight for the championship and the $15,000, yet after Team Awesome loses (Page 254), their opponents go on to one more match (the championship and the $15,000). I’ll just keep hanging onto the hope that this is all just a big April Fool’s Dream.

I did like the sudden 180 from “We won! We Won! We can win it all. Nothing could possibly go wrong” to “We lost” though between pages 252 and 253. Great story telling.

Yeah, I think that was fixed for print? I remember it coming up at one point, that it was confusing. Hopefully it’s fixed!

I think I remember swearing and trying to do math on the backs of proof prints, so I think we did end up fixing it. …I hope. LOOK IF I COULD DO MATH I WOULD BE BUILDING ROBOTS MYSELF AND NOT WRITING STORIES ABOUT THEM.