NCPGW Pre-Order Campaign!

NCPGW Pre-Order Campaign!Hey ya’ll!

We’re t-minus 30 days until the Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong hits the shelves of your local bookstores and comic book stores and your Amazon carts and you can finally press sloppy robot kisses to The Beast.

In an effort to make sure our book and your greedy fingers make contact as soon as possible, we’re here to help you justify pre-ordering Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong with the promise of fabulous prizes!!

Here’s how it works:

Once you’ve pre-ordered your copy of Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong, drop us a line in the comments of this blog post declaring that you’ve made this glorious life choice. As any reader this invested in teenaged robot car theft is obviously trustworthy to the adamantium bones, we’re going to go with the honor system. As the numbers of pre-orders increases, you all unlock the potential to win prizes (which will be selected by random lottery)!

(And take note – there’s a special prize for teachers or librarians, so if you belong to either of those esteemed professions, tell us that in your comment, too.)


0-50 Pre-orders

You win the chance to bug your friends to pre-order, too, so that at. . . .


50-99 Pre-orders

Two prizes are available!  We’ll give away one of the following prizes to two lucky pre-order-ers by random lottery:

  • One signed copy of Friends with Boys
  • An :01 graphic novel prize pack


100-149 Pre-orders

Three prizes are available!  Three lucky random lottery winners among the pre-order-ers will secure one of the following prizes:

  • The signed copy of Friends With Boys
  • The :01 graphic novel prize pack
  • An original bust drawing of the winner’s Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong character of choice! Done by Pru. Just kidding. We wouldn’t do that to you. Done by Faith. We promise.


150-249 Pre-orders

Seven lucky winners will get one each of the following prizes:

  • All the previously mentioned prizes
  • A Macmillian Kids YA gallery prize pack
  •  A second :01 graphic novel prize pack (Christmas shopping, done!)

Teacher/Librarian Special Bonus Prize! if you’re a teacher or librarian (please let us know in your pre-order comment if you are), we’ll arrange a Skype visit from Pru or Faith to talk about our PROOOOOOCESSSSSSS.


250-499 Pre-orders

Oh boy, guys, this is the big leagues, and we’ll have eleven prize winners, who get one each of all the following prizes:

  • All the previously mentioned prizes
  • Two full-body drawings of two Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong characters of the victor’s choice as well as
  • A signed copy of the original Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong graphic novel script.

But wait, there’s more! You’ll also win a 250 word Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong flash fiction story authored by Pru, with a choice of which topic you’d like to see. None of these scenarios will be dirty. I am genuinely sorry.


500-Largest Known Prime

Firstly: go team.

Pre-ordering us to death is the only acceptable method of breaking our website, for those of you considering it, in case you’ve been wondering. At this level, in addition to all the previously listed and frankly baller prizes, you’ll unlock a magical, awesome present for everybody who’s enjoyed Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong along with you.

With 500 pre-orders, we’ll post a special years-later epilogue about our crew from Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong, complete with awesome cover art from Faith. As you can expect, it will involve poor decision making, a series of escalating disasters, and college (the locus of possibly the most terrible decisions ever). As incentive, and just a sneak peek:

Like most disasters involving Nate Harding, it began in the middle of the night.

“Charlie,” Nate hissed.

Charlie dragged his pillow further over his head, moaning, “No.”

He didn’t even want to know how Nate had gotten into the residence hall, much less his dorm room. Next time the girls on the third floor brought around a petition about increasing safety measures, he was signing it twice.

“Charlie,” Nate repeated, appending it with some brutal poking, stabbing one of his bony, calloused fingers into Charlie’s ribs. “Get up!”

Even muffled by fabric and cheap stuffing, Charlie could hear his own despair. “Nate, it’s like 3 a.m.”

“Oh, for — ” Nate sighed, impatient, and with Herculean strength born of nerd rage, tore the pillow away.

When Charlie forced his eyes open, Nate’s wild curls were framed in a halo of light from the laptop on Charlie’s desk. He was wearing goggles — PROPERTY OF ACC LABS DO NOT STEAL!!! still written on the elastic — oil-stained gardening gloves, and he was carrying the same clunker of a toolbox that had been trailing him from battlebot competition to battlebot competition since high school.

“What are you doing?” Charlie asked. If it came out sounding like a pathetic whine, well — it was 3 a.m.

Nate’s eyes looked huge and loopy through the dirty plastic googles. “I am panicking, Nolan,” he explained with eerie calm. “Now get up, I need your help.”

Got it? Good.
Set your pre-ordering battle bot engines to GO!”


I preordered on Amazon for myself (cuz you know I simply HAVE to own a personal copy of everything you have every created) and on Baker and Taylor for my library (cuz this is going to be the highlight of my summer reading booktalks in May for the middle schoolers)

I preordered on Amazon too. Sad to say no local comic book shops in my vicinity and the closest bookstore is 45 minutes away. I am going to school for Library Science, and I even created an independent study class about the importance of graphic novels in the library. I will definitely notify the local librarians to add this fantastic book to their collections.

I just preordered: ‘Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong’ by Prudence Shen via @amazon !
Also I’m a law librarian, but I reallllly don’t think my associates/partners count towards the AWESOME library/teacher Skype. :)

Pre-ordered from amazon a while back and am constantly forgetting I did, I will likely be pleasantly surprised the day it shows up.

As a slavic follower of Canadian web cartoonists and Faith Erin in specific, I was instinctually programmed to order the comic back in February
order number 110-8210457-4541027

Also pre-ordered from Amazon! Tweeted and Tumbl’d all about it and will signal boost again in a few days.

I’m so excited, you guys have an awesome book here and I absolutely love my latest and glorious life choice :)

hi. i own a comic shop (comics toons n toys in tustin, ca) and i ordered one for myself and a few for stock. remind me later, i might need more :-)

I pre-ordered yesterday actually, so this is a nice bonus. Bought a copy of “The Adventures of Superhero Girl” too. :)

Fantastic job. Ya’ll are an inspiration and the models for the next generation of writers and artists. Preorder 109-4225237-7351423 to Amazon.

Well, preordered online through Book Depository; not sure if that counts but there are no local shops doing “English niche comics” (sorry, their opinion) and the “local” Amazon is right out. BDA-486-82071866623

I pre-ordered on Amazon, in addition to finally ordering “the Adventures of Superhero Girl” and “Into the Woods”!

WooHoo! Just preordered! I also dropped The Adventures of Superhero Girl into my cart because well, I couldn’t help myself ^_^!

Also, I have to say I’m pretty excited by the extra long signatures the print copy of NCPGW has, so we can enjoy the art without destroying the binding. I haven’t seen that before and I think that is a pretty ingenious idea.

I’ve just emailed this off to Kathy, the owner of my LCS (The Comic Book Box in Rohnert Park, CA), and let her know to 1) Pre-order the book for me, and 2) tell her other customers about it.

Love this kind of promotion!

Oh hey, I pre-ordered too, on March 19, from! And only today did I read that this contest is not only for new pre-orders, but for old ones as well. Yay!

I just placed an order through my local independent bookstore!! Did the same back when Friends With Boys came out, might as well make it a tradition :) Congrats on the new book, and I’m so looking forward to reading it!!

Preordered it this morning. I’m always absurdly glad to have a chance to buy your work, since I started reading D101 concurrently with my first art classes (approx. a million and two years ago). The example you set of perseverance helped me through a few rough spots. Thank you!

Preordered on today. Excitment level high. I don’t want to read it on here anymore though cuz I don’t want to spoil the rest of the ending. But the temptation!

Pre-ordered on Amazon (2 copies – one for the bestie) So excited, I decided to wait for it to be published before reading!

I just pre-ordered this from Amazon! I’m looking forward to it!

I’m not currently either a teacher or a librarian, (well, I teach English at a local community college, if that counts), but I am a former high school English teacher and I’m currently back in grad school working on a degree and certification in School Library Media so I can become a school librarian in a few years.

Finally was able to make my pre-order!
Bought Friends With Boys and War at Ellesmere while I was at it. :D
Too excited for this!

I’ve preordered through Amazon.

Somehow I’d missed this whole project, until I was lucky enough to randomly click a link in a tweet that didn’t even mention the title, that it was a book, or who it was by.

(Actually, my track record on getting Faith Erin Hicks books expeditiously is really bad. I think this is the first one I’ve gotten less than a year after it came out. >_> )

This may only insert my foot farther into my mouth, but I wanted to apologize for my last comment. I didn’t mean to fanboy over one of the authors while ignoring the other. It’s a fact that my initial interest in NCPGW was “new Faith Erin Hicks book!?”, but I know the book isn’t a one-woman show, and I didn’t mean to act as if it was.

TAKE ALL MY MONEYS FAITH AND PRU, ALL OF THEM. By which I mean, I have preordered via amazon- and I’m super excited to support you both.

Greetings from a teen librarian! We pre-ordered our copies of Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong (3 copies, one for each branch) and I’ve ordered one for myself via my local indie bookstore. :D

Pre-Ordered! Gotta be honest, I’ll probably always pre-order a Faith Erin Hicks book from now on. Updates are some of the highlights of my day.

I pre-order through Amazon. Don’t put me in the drawing. Just want to help bump the numbers up to the next prize level.

Pre ordered via Amazon. I’m also going to look into asking my local libraries to get copies as well (assuming they’re not already).

After reading the last couple of updates, how could I NOT preorder? So excited for this to finally be in my grubby mitts.

Just pre-ordered a copy of NCPGW on Amazon (plus Friends With Boys and The Adventures of Superhero Girl). So excited!!!

Order Number: 701-0614125-8172226

I was just thinking today that I only had two pre-orders on my Amazon account and that I needed to do something to rectify that situation. So rectified! I’m a high school librarian and had tried to get a member of our robotics team to read this, but she wrinkled her nose at having to read it online. I look forward to handing it to her in print!

Faith, thanks a lot for coming out to Portland for Stumptown! I also preordered NCPGW on Amazon – 110-6079347-3829861

Also, love the stretch goal style of prizing!

I pre-ordered on Amazon ages ago and forgot (until now) to come back here and tell you. My daughter makes comics, is on a Lego FIRST Robot League team, and would happily join the cheerleading team if there was one at her school, so this book is right in her sweet spot. I can’t wait to re-read it, and for her to read it.

Just pre-ordered on Amazon I can’t wait for it to come in the mail. My order number is 112-5613690-4730660

Just pre-ordered from for the Bonnechere Union Public Library! The teens are going to be stoked (to say nothing of the staff…)! Looking forward to it!

I preordered a while ago (March???) through Amazon and I am SUPER PUMPED to own a paper copy of this QUALITY WORK. Pru has been my favorite writer for a long time and Faith has been one of my favorite comic artists for even longer and when I saw that you two were doing this together I just about had a heart attack. In an AWESOME WAY. CONGRATS TO YOU BOTH ON AN AWESOME STORY

EDIT: I also just preordered at Books Inc. and at Mrs. Dalloway’s in Berkeley, CA! I’ll just have to give a few copies to friends.

Preordered via Amazon!
Order Number: 110-3325761-1574625

My order status is at “shipped” too! EXCITING!!

Pre-ordered via UK Amazon, not sure if that counts, but very excited to receive my copy upon release. Picked up The Adventures of Superhero Girl in the meantime=D

I preordered mine from Amazon! (Except please don’t let me win. I just want to help increase the numbers for fellow fans. :D)

And now I can comment. I’ve pre-ordered, as you know from my comment on the other page. I can’t wait to be able to trace the drawings in print with my fingers. Because that doesn’t sound creepy at all…

I got mine, I got mine, I got mine! I wish I could show you how ridiculously happy I look right now. Nothing Could Possibly Go Wrong and Friends With Boys both showed up on my doorstep today and I actually *squealed* at the poor, now traumatized old man I have as a neighbor. He’s lovely. And now he’s scared of me.

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